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>> domingo, maio 27, 2012

Once in a while you stumble upon someone who seems to shake your life, driving you into a new path.
I am surely on a changing phase, since I am experiencing incredible new sensations and knowing incredible people, increasing the feeling that a totally different future is waiting for me to dive into it.
Well, recently I would recall two very special facts that seem to be getting more important than I thought in the beginning: the visit to "Alto Alentejo", where I think I would live happily without much luxury; and knowing the Ross family (the reason why this post is written in English), who have so much to teach us about education and healthier life.
We participated today on a workshop about Green Smoothies, a very interesting way of eating more fruits and vegetables in a comfortable way. We have tasted several different choices and all of them were absolutely great. We now know that it is possible to eat healthier with great pleasure. Everyone should investigate about this issue and try some green smoothies.
We are planning to replace at least one of our daily meals for with one of these fantastic "batidos".
Here are some photos of the workshop. I'll publish some "lateral" photos on other posts.













Uma delícia!


slg 6/05/2012 11:17 da tarde  

isso tem muito bom aspecto!
não me apetece muito é arranjar uma liquidificadora...

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